We Are Not Our Title… We Are Children Of The King.

Ok… confessional time again…In the past twenty-one months, there have been a few times when posts have grown out what God is teaching me during this time of my life. When I share these posts, I’m sharing my soul… I’m taking down my barriers and allowing you to see my soul… for better or for worse… I hope the Lord uses this post to minister to you.
I went into the ministry back in July of 1981. So, all my adult life I’ve been in vocational Christian ministry. For three years and three months, I was a Music and Youth Director at Gillsburg Baptist Church in Osyka, Miss. But since September 1984, I’ve been in the Pastorate. So for thirty-three years of my life, I’ve been “Bro. Gregg” or “Bro. Potts” or “Dr. Potts.” And those titles became my identity… although I didn’t realize it.
For thirty-three years, when I walked into a restaurant, if there were people who knew me, I was “Bro. Gregg” or “Bro. Potts.” When I visited the hospital, again… I was “Bro. Gregg” or “Bro. Potts.” On Sundays, when I was at church… I was “Bro. Gregg” or “Bro. Potts.” When I went to a ball-game… or went shopping… you get the idea..
My identity was wrapped up in what I did.
I admit… on Sunday morning, I enjoyed putting on my suit and tying my tie just right and making sure the pocket square on my coat was just right. I would normally shine my shoes on Saturday so, I went to church dressed up. I was “Dr. Potts.”
I would preach a sermon… and it felt good… It really felt good, when church was over, if someone said, “Man, that was a good sermon…” or, “The Lord really used you today.” Those statements are affirming and I enjoyed it.
But then, it stopped. From the moment I resigned my last church, I was no longer “Bro. Gregg”; well, I was but I wasn’t. I’m still a Pastor… I just don’t have a church.
Recently, Holli and I were eating a meal with some friends and we were discussing our lives. The lady commented that there are times when I would say, “I used to be a Pastor.” I didn’t realize I did it. And then she said, “You are going through an identity crisis.”
I thought, “An identity crisis! Are you serious? No… I know exactly who I am… My name hasn’t changed…” But then, I began to realize… the lady was right. I was going through an identity crisis. I’m still Gregg Potts… I’m still a Pastor… But I’m not currently serving. When I see people, they don’t know me as the Pastor of “such and such church.” I’m just Gregg Potts.
I admit… I’ve struggled with that. My identity had kind of gotten wrapped up in what I did… but that’t not Biblical. I’m not what I did… I’m Gregg Potts, a Child of King.
In I John 3:1, the apostle John says, “See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!”
One of the things the Lord has taught me is I am a Child of the King. The fact that I’m not currently serving a church doesn’t matter. I’m still a Child of the King. You are as well.
Maybe you’ve struggled with your identity. Maybe you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and that’s kind of made you insecure. Listen friend, it doesn’t matter what we do… we are Children of the King. Don’t let the world make you think that just because you don’t have a title, you aren’t worthy.
Jesus loves you. He died for you. You ARE a Child of the King.

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