God Was With Daniel And He Will Be With Us

Christian’s face adversity. Christian’s go through difficult times. One of the stories in the Bible that highlights that is the story of Daniel in the lion’s den.
In the sixth chapter of Daniel, the Bible says that the King Darius appointed one-hundred-and-twenty satraps over the kingdom and one of those, was Daniel. The other satraps were jealous of Daniel because the King liked him so much. But because Daniel had such a strong faith in God and had great character, they knew that the only way they could bring Daniel down would be to find something wrong with his faith.
So, these men went to King Darius and challenged him to make a law that stated that if anyone prayed to another god other than Darius, they would be thrown into the lion’s den. Darius agreed to the proposal.
The Bible says that Daniel was found praying to God and he was brought before King Darius and he was placed in the lion’s den. As he was about to be placed in the lion’s den, Darius said, “Daniel, your God will save you.”
Daniel spent that night in the lion’s den but was protected from the lion. The next day, Darius got him out of the lions’ den and then, he put those who had accused Daniel in the lions’ den along with their families and they were destroyed.
What do we learn from this story? We learn that Christian’s face adversity. Just because we are believers does not mean we will not face hard times. But second, we learn that God walks with us through the tough times. God didn’t save Daniel FROM the lion’s den, but He saved Daniel IN it.
Maybe you are going through a tough time. God has not forsaken you. God will be with you just as He was with Daniel.

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