Sympathizing… Hurting For Others

It’s Sunday morning.. people have gathered for church… they greet one another…they find someone they know well and they chat. They chat about Thanksgiving…
They fried a turkey this year and it was delicious. All the family came in and it was a great day. “How was your Thanksgiving?” they ask.
While they talk, a man or woman enters the building that doesn’t know a soul. They don’t now much about church but they are hurting and they reaching out to God. If you are reaching out to God, you go to church, right? Well, that seems logical to them.
They walk into the church and lots of people are talking. Someone even greets them and says, “Oh welcome! We are so glad you are here.” That makes them feel good but then, the person moves on.
They are really hurting… their Thanksgiving wasn’t good. There was too much heartache. And they are trying to find God.
They need someone to be compassionate… someone to hurt with them… someone to take time with them. But everyone is talking. They are kind of wrapped up in their world.
Christians should be sympathetic… Peter challenged us to “… Sympathize with each other… Love each other as brothers and sister… Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude.”
Let’s be sensitive to people around us who are hurting. Just yesterday, I spoke with a man about Thanksgiving. I asked, “How was your Thanksgiving?”
He replied, “I don’t celebrate holidays.”
I asked why?
He replied, “I lost a loved one years ago and since then, holidays don’t mean much.”
That person is hurting. There are others like that individual. People who are hurting.        But, we won’t know it if we are too caught up in our world.
Today… this season… be sympathetic and tenderhearted… caring for one another.

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