“How Beautiful Are The Feet Of Those Who Bring Good News”

When people see you coming, are they excited and hopeful or, discouraged? Let me explain.
This past Sunday I went with a group of people from Cartersville First Baptist to deliver bags of Thanksgiving food. We went to a local apartment complex. All of us were given a couple of cards with numbers on them. Those numbers, represented the apartments we were to take food to. I was given three numbers.
At one of my apartments, I was met by a lady and a young girl. The lady was very thankful for the food. Then she asked if there was any way she could get another basket. I told her I wasn’t sure but I would check. Again, I reminded her, I can’t promise I can get you one but I will check… I didn’t want her to get her hopes falsely.
I went back to our group and told those in charge about the lady and Drew Startup, a Minister at Cartersville FBC said,  “By all means… take her another bag.” So, I set out to deliver that extra bag. As I rounded the corner going toward the ladies apartment, she was sitting on her porch. She saw me and when she did, she stood up.
At that point, I was thinking that this lady has her hopes up. She sees me coming with another bag of food. I gave her the bag and she was SO thankful. She told me everything they were going through… they didn’t have much food etc… It may me feel good to be able to give her some hope.
As I thought back on my experience, when I left this ladies apartment the first time, she was hoping she would see me again but she wasn’t sure. But when she saw me rounding the corner bringing her another bag of food, I can imagine her heart was filled with hope. My presence was a source of encouragement to her.
There is someone today who needs hope. Someone for whom Thanksgiving will be tough. Some don’t have the money to be the groceries for a Thanksgiving meal. Why not consider helping them out? Some may be all alone on Thanksgiving. Why not consider inviting them to your home? For some, it may be their first Thanksgiving without a loved one. Try to encourage them.
As I walked toward this ladies apartment, holding a red bag with a few food items in it, a scripture came to mind; “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…” (Isa. 52:7).
I was bringing good news to this lady in the form of food. It made me feel good to be good news for her. Today, let’s be people who give others hope. Let’s bring good news to those who are hurting.

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