The Sin Of Doing Nothing

Let’s imagine that we go a twenty-four hour period of time and we are careful not to say anything or do anything that is considered sin. We don’t gossip… we don’t judge… etc… If we do that, we would say that we did not sin. We didn’t DO something that was wrong.
But, just because we DON’T do some things that are wrong, doesn’t mean we haven’t sinned. We also sin by failing to do something that we should do.
James talked about that. He wrote, “Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it” (James 4:17).
So, James is telling us that just because we don’t do some bad things doesn’t mean we haven’t sinned. We can sin by not doing something we know that should be done.
For example, if you know someone who is in need… legitimate need… and you fail to help them, that is sin. If you are aware of a ministry need and you can help meet that need, but you don’t do it, that is sin. Sin is not just NOT doing some things, sin is also failing to do some things that we should do.
So, maybe you are aware of a ministry need. There is no reason you couldn’t help. Your health is good. You have the time… and you are gifted in that area but, you just don’t want to give up your Sunday School class or, you don’t want to be obligated to do something every Sunday… if you fail to help, that is sin. It’s the sin of doing nothing.
All of us have been guilty of this same at some point in our lives. We have failed to serve or give or help when we could have served or given or helped. When we didn’t help, that’s the sin of doing nothing.
Sin is not just staying away from bad stuff… it’s also not doing some things that we could do. Years ago, an old Evangelist was doing a revival service and during the invitation, a man came forward. The man took the Pastor by the hand and said, “I ain’t been doing nothing and that’s going to stop.”
Are you doing nothing for the Lord? That needs to stop. Start doing something for Jesus today.

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