Express Appreciation To Your Minister

      October is Pastor Appreciation Month. I want to encourage everyone to express a word of appreciation to their Ministers.
      I speak from experience on this… being a Minister is TOUGH today for lots of reasons.
      Pastors are on call call 24/7/365. Doesn’t matter if it’s their day off or, if they are spending time with their family… for that matter… it doesn’t matter if they are on vacation… bottom line is they are never off.. Now, someone may say, “Well, you know it comes with the turf.” Maybe so but the turf gets rough and every man is human and needs some down time. A Physician can put long hours during the week but, when he is off… he’s off. Same with a teacher… police officer… fireman… etc..
      Pastor’s face the weekly pressure of sermon preparation. Every week, ,a Pastor pours his heart into a Sunday message. He preaches it and then, he’s faced with the same task. I challenge you… try preaching fifty or so weeks a year and coming up with something new. It’s not easy. And, with podcasts and live-streaming, church members can listen to Pastor’s of larger churches and compare their Pastor to others which isn’t really fair.
      Most Ministers are well underpaid. I remember years ago the Pastor of my home church was painting a used bike to give his son for Christmas. A USED bike! I doubt many church members were doing the same. I don’t know of one Minister who has gone into the ministry for the money. Many could be making more money doing something else. But they sacrifice financially because they know God has called them. Folks, take care of your Pastor financially.
      And one final thought… please don’t compare your Pastor to the guy on TV or the man in the mega-church. The average Southern Baptist church has 100 people in worship. That’s the AVERAGE size. The average Pastor still makes hospital visits. The average Pastor still does funerals and weddings. The average Pastor is making do on far less money than the TV preacher making lots more money.
      A High School Principal that I was good friends with several years ago once told me, “The Pastor is the most misunderstood position in society.” He was spot on!
      Christian, let your Pastor… your Minister of Music…your Youth Minister know that you appreciate them.

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