A Lesson From Subbing: We All Need A Shout-Out

I am substitute teaching a lot right now. I enjoy being around the students and teachers. Before I entered the ministry I was going to be a teacher and a coach so, I enjoy this environment.
This past week, I subbed in a music class. The kids took roll and then, one of the kids started reading what was called “shout outs” to the class. She said;
“To: so and so…
I think you are a great person etc…”
That’s not how a shout-out actually went… it’s all I can remember.
One girl gave a shout-out to a boy. As the shout-out was read, I watched as a smile spread across the boys face. He needed a shout-out.
So, I asked how the “shout-outs” worked. The kids said that every day someone can pick up a piece of paper and write a “shout out” to anyone. If you get a “shout out” it makes you feel pretty good.
As I listened to these “shout outs” across the day I thought, “that would be a good thing for a church or Sunday School class. Everyone needs a shout-out every now and then. Every needs someone to tell them they are a good person… they are appreciated.
Will Rogers once said, “I can go for days from one pat-on-the-back.”
Today, is there someone you need to give a shout-out? I can guarantee you there is. Just give it some thought. Maybe your spouse needs a “shout out.” Maybe your kids need a “shout out.” How about your Pastor or Minister of Music? How about a law enforcement official? How about your Sunday School teacher?
Paul said,”Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing” I Thess. 5:11).
Today, tell someone you appreciate them.

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