“When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder I’ll Be There”

I have a friend down in Gillsburg, Mississippi named Tim Bean. Tim has downs syndrome. When I was Music & Youth Director at Gillsburg Baptist, one Sunday we were singing the old hymn, “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder.” Tim liked that song. I asked him to come lead it and from that day forward, any time we sang that song, by buddy Tim would come and lead his favorite song, “When The Roll.”
One day, the roll will be called up yonder. The question is, are you ready?
A new Minister was out doing some evangelism in his town. He asked a man, “Are you ready for the judgement day?”
The man responded, “When will it be?”
The Minister replied, “Well, it could be today or it could be tomorrow.”
The man said, “Man, don’t tell my wife. She will want to go both days!”
Well, the judgment day or… the second coming of Jesus is not a joke. Jesus Christ is coming again.
Titus refers to the second coming of Jesus as “the blessed hope” (Titus 2:13)…. and for Christians, it is the blessed hope. In the first century, Christians faced persecution. Life was hard… many Christians lost their lives… So, every day they hoped that Jesus would return and the persecution would end. Today, we long for the same blessed hope. We are living in a time that has been described as “post-Christian” America. It’s not easy living the Christian life.
So, we look for, long for, the return of Christ.
Jesus said no one knew the date of His return. But, unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped people from trying to predict it. We don’t know when Jesus will return but we know that He will.
The big question is not when Jesus will return but instead, are we ready for His return? Do you know Christ as your Savior? Are you living for Jesus? If so, then you are ready. But, if you have never received Christ you aren’t ready. I encourage you to receive Christ today. Trust the Lord today. Make sure you are living for Jesus. Make sure you are ready for judgment day.
“When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, And time will be no more;
And the morning breaks eternal bright and fair.
When the saved of earth shall gather over on the other shore,
And the roll is called up yonder I’ll be there.”

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