The Recabites; A Model Of Obedience

A couple of years ago, Holli and I went to the Atlanta aquarium. One of the things we enjoyed was a show involving dolphins. You have probably seen those.
In the show, when the dolphin does a trick, the trainer gives them a reward… something to eat. That’s how they train the dolphin. The dolphin is rewarded for obedience.
It’s the same way in the Christian life. The Lord wants us to be obedient. And, if we are obedient, the Lord rewards us.
A great example of obedience is the story of the Recabites in the Old Testament. The Bible says that Jeremiah was sent to the Recabites. He offered them wine to drink but they told him, “We don’t drink wine because our ancestor, Jehonadab told us to never drink wine. He also told them to not build houses or plant crops or vineyards..” If they did those things, they would be rewarded.
The Lord then told Jeremiah, “Go and say to the people in Judah and Jerusalem, The Recabites are obedient but you are not.” God used the Recabites as an example of obedience.
What about you? Are you obedient? Let’s be honest here… obedience is lacking in most of our lives. Why do I say that? Because most churches have attendance and financial challenges. It’s because Christians are not worshiping as we should and not giving as we should. What about you? Do you worship weekly? Are you giving faithfully?
Now, someone may say, “Why should I do that? Why should I be obedient? There is one reason; Jesus gave His life for us. Because of Jesus sacrificial death on the cross, we should serve Him and be obedient.
God will reward us if we are obedient. Like the Recabites, let’s be faithful to the Lord.


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