Yes, There Is Hope

Everyone needs hope. It may only be a glimmer.. but still, we all need hope.
In Jeremiah 32, the prophet gave hope to the people of Judah. To get the impact of the text, you have to understand the background. Judah was under siege from the      Babylonian army and Jeremiah was imprisoned. Jeremiah had been put there by king Zedekiah because Jeremiah had prophesied that Jerusalem was going to be punished.
While Jeremiah was in prison, and while Jerusalem was under siege, the Lord sent Jeremiah a message. The message was, “Your cousin Hanamel son of Shallum will come and say to you, ‘Buy my field at Anathoth. You have the right to buy it.”
Then, just as the Lord said he would, Hanamel came to Jerusalem and offered Jeremiah the right to buy his land.
Now, let’s pause a moment; Jerusalem is under siege… Jeremiah is in prison… yet, Jeremiah is being offered a piece of land in a city that’s under siege. Why would you buy that land? The city is about to be conquered! But, God had told Jeremiah, “Someday people will again own property here in this land and will buy and sell houses and vineyards and fields.”
Did you catch that? “Someday people will again own property here…” In other words, although the city is under siege now, better days are ahead. A time is coming when people will buy and sell again, in a city that is currently under siege. That message from Jeremiah, gave the people hope.
We have hope as well. I don’t know what you are facing, or, what you are going through, but God wants to give us hope.
We may be concerned about our nation. We may think “there is no hope for America.” But there is… if Christians turn to the Lord.
Maybe your church is struggling. Maybe you are questioning if there is any hope. There is… if the church turns to the Lord.
Maybe you are facing what seems to be a gargantuan task. Maybe you are thinking, “there ain’t no way.” Yes, there is a way. Now, it may be very slow and it make take a while but, there is hope.
Maybe you have a relative or friend who is dealing with a drug addiction. You are questioning if there is any hope. Yes there is, but we have to give it to the Lord.
Jeremiah was told, “Buy the field… there is coming a day when business will take place in this land.” That message was a sign of hope for Israel. God gives us the same hope today.

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