Do You Need To Resolve Differences Between You And Someone?

Back in the ninety’s, when I was doing some graduate work, I took a seminar entitled, “Handling Conflict In The Church.” I was a very young Preacher then. I can remember thinking, “Why do I need a seminar on handling conflict in the church?” Boy, was I in for an awakening!
Conflict between people happens. If you are around people any, there is good possibility that you will have a disagreement. It happens. But, the important thing is to not let that conflict linger. Get it resolved. If you don’t, it can fester and a root of bitterness develops.
In the last chapter of Colossians, Paul is mentioning various people and he mentions Mark. Paul writes, “Aristarchus, who is in prison with me, sends you his greetings, and so does Mark, Barnabas’s cousin” (Col. 4:10.
Mark was “John Mark.” The same John Mark who went with Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. The same John Mark who bailed out on Paul and Barnabas on that trip. The same John Mark that Paul didn’t want to take on his second trip. So, there was some baggage associated with Mark.
So, it is very significant that Paul lists Mark here. Evidently, Paul and Mark had talked and their relationship was good.
Maybe you need to do the same thing. Is there someone you have some conflict with? Someone you’ve had a misunderstanding with? When those things happen, we have a tendency to just avoid the issue. We might say, “Let’s just don’t talk about it.”       Unfortunately, you are going to have to talk about it to get it resolved. When you don’t talk about it, you are sweeping it under the rug hoping it will resolve itself and that’s not likely.
So, today, if you have conflict with someone, seek that person out. Sit down with them. Have coffee or lunch and get the conflict resolved. Don’t let it linger and become a root of bitterness that divides you from a friend.
Is there someone that you had a disagreement with some time ago and you haven’t spoken to them since then? It’s definitely not good but, it happens. We can get crossed up with people and that friction can linger on in our lives if it’s not dealt with.
I encourage you, if there is conflict between you and someone to get it resolved. Don’t let it linger.

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