The Highway Of Holiness

What road are you on in life?
You may say, “Well, today, I’m going to get on I-75 and head to Atlanta. Or, I’m going to take highway 41 into Marietta.” But I’m not talking about literal, physical roads.
Jesus said there are two roads in life; the broad way and the straight and narrow. Jesus said the broad way is a way that leads to death while the straight and narrow leads to eternal life. The straight and narrow is also known as the Highway of Holiness. What is the Highway Of Holiness?
The prophet Isaiah refers to this highway. He writes, “And a great road will go through that once deserted land. It will be named the Highway of Holiness.” How does a person get on this highway? You get on the highway by trusting Christ as your Savior and then, you begin living for Jesus… you begin traveling the highway to holiness.
To travel this highway, you must first be broken. That comes from being convicted of your sins and repenting of your sins. Then, brokenness leads to humility. You humbly ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart and be your Savior.
Once you ask Christ into your heart, you begin living for Jesus and your life is different than it was before because you are now living a Holy life. Not a judgmental life. Not a hypocritical life.. But a life marked by holiness.
This means our speech is changed. We don’t use profanity and when we slip up, it bothers us.  This means our lifestyle is changed. We have no desire to be involved in something that is sinful. It bothers us when we sin because the Holy Spirit lives within us. Maybe our interests are changed.  Maybe we are  more interested in Bible study that we once were.  We are now on the Highway of Holiness.
The Highway of Holiness has distractions and there are detours a person can take. But we need to avoid those and stay on the Highway because it leads to a a life of holiness.
So, today, are you on the Highway of Holiness? You may say, “Well, I was, but I slipped or I got distracted.”
I understand. That happens. But I encourage you today to get back on the Highway of Holiness. It leads to eternal life.

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