A Birthday Tribute To My Beautiful Wife

      Today, my beautiful wife celebrates her birthday. Thinking about how I could honor her it occurred to me the different titles she wears…
      “Holli” – This is how she is known to most of her family and friends. “Holli” is one letter short of “Hollis,” which was her Dad’s name. And, Holli is a lot like her Dad. Mr. Hollis was quiet but reliable. He volunteered in several capacities and in whatever he did, he could be counted on. Holli is the same. She has also been known as “Holli” in the churches we’ve served.
      “Mrs. Potts” – For twenty plus years and in nine different schools, Holli has been “Mrs. Potts” to her students and the administration in various schools where she has taught. As a Teacher, she has always taken pride in doing her work professionally. She rarely misses school. She is a great educator.
     “Coach Potts” – Holli has been a Cheer coach for a few years. During those years she was “Coach Potts” to the girls on her squad.
      “Mom” – only three people call Holli by this name… her three children, Robert, Will and Sarah. And, they have an excellent Mom. They have a Mom whom they can call twenty-four-hours-a-day, seven days a week. They have a Mom who has modeled the Christian life for them. They have a Mom who has stayed up late with them when they were sick and when they had school-work to do. They have been very blessed to have a wonderful, Christian mothers.
      “Gram” – by Peyton Hollis. Holli hasn’t been “Gram” but a few months but, she is going to excel there as well. I love to see her brown eyes light up when she sees “Peyton Hollis.” I love to hear her high-pitched voice when she says, “Hey, my sweetness!” Gram loves her grandson. Peyton Holli is blessed to have a “Gram” like Holli.
      “Holli Alice” – this is my preference. Holli Alice is a devout Christian lady. She loves to read and is very intelligent. She is a beautiful Christian lady. When she’s in church, she sits with perfect posture, her Bible on her lap and her pen in hand to make notes of the sermon. She has handled the expectations of the Pastor’s wife with grace. She has taught Sunday School, worked with children, sang in the choir and women’s musical groups. But, the most important thing she has done is… be there for me. There have been Wednesday nights when I would leave for church and I would tell her to stay home because I knew she was tired. Just as prayer meeting was about to start, she would ease in the back door and take her seat on the back row. She wanted to be there “to support” me.
      Holli Alice, I love you very much. You are a wonderful Christian lady. I’m so thankful God brought us together in 1983 at Mississippi College.
Happy birthday.

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