Stop Searching For God And Experience The Presence Of God

“I’m searching for God…”
Have you ever heard someone say that? It’s likely you have.
Today is Sunday. A day when many Christians will worship God. And, in some places of worship people who may not be Christians may attend because they are “searching for God.” That means they believe in God… or they want to at least… but they have questions.
People have been searching for God for ages. In Job 23:3, Job said, “If only I knew where to find God, I would go to his court.”
“If only I knew where to find God…” So, where do you go to find God?
Some would say, “Go to church and find God there,” and you can. But what is “church?” We associate church with the building but that’s not church. You can’t confine God to a building.
Some would say, “Man, get out in the woods and enjoy nature. You will God there.” And, you can do that as well. You can worship God in the quietness and stillness of the woods.
Some would say, “I find God in my flower bed,” “in my deer-stand, or “in my boat on the lake.” And, a those are places you can find God.
So, if we are asking, “where do we find God?” the answer is everywhere. God is omnipresent meaning, God is everywhere. If you are searching for God ok, you’ve found Him. God is not hard to find.. God is everywhere.
But, if the real issue is, “I have questions for God” as opposed to, “I’m trying to find God,” God says, “Ok, fire away.. what questions do you have?”
Maybe you have lots of questions. Maybe you want to believe in God but you aren’t sure. I encourage you to stop “searching” and start experiencing. Wherever you are, God is there. God is everywhere and God knows your heart. God knows your doubts or your questions.
If you are saying with Job, “If only I knew where to find God…” well, you know the answer. Now, worship God. Talk to God. Nothing is off-limits. God is listening. God loves you.

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