Leaving The Baby Stage And Becoming Mature Christians

As you know from my posts, the Lord has blessed us with a grandson; Peyton Hollis Potts. As you can imagine, Peyton Hollis is the sweetest child God ever made. I know you feel the same about your children and grandchildren.
Peyton is a four month old baby. We love him big time. Like all babies, Peyton cries. When he gets hungry, he’s ready to eat.. and if the bottle isn’t ready as quick as he wants it, he cries.
When you are holding Peyton, if he doesn’t like the way he is being held, he cries until you get him in the position he likes. Now, someone may say, “That baby is immature.” And I would reply, “You are right; he is. He’s supposed to be… he’s a baby.” Now, if he’s still crying when he’s twenty or thirty or forty, we got a problem. 🙂
But, Peyton IS a baby. He doesn’t know any better. He’s doing what babies do. Let me ask you something; do you complain when you don’t get your way? If you are honest, you will have have to say “at times.”
You see, there are lots of Christians who, although they are thirty or forty or fifty, they are “babes in Christ” because they’ve never grown. They will complain a lot. They complain about the music. They complain if someone takes their seat or their parking space. They likely won’t give. They complain if the sermon went too long. They complain because they’ve never grown up as a Christian.
In I Corinthians 3, Paul was writing to the church at Corinth. He said to them,
“I had to talk as though you belonged to this world or as though you were infants in Christ.” The church had lots of people who were babes in Christ.
What about you? Are you a babe in Christ? Are you acting like a baby?
If a person is a fairly new Christian, then yes, they should be babes in Christ. They haven’t had time to grow. But, there are lots of Christians who have been Christians long enough that they should be mature in the faith.
What about you? Have you grown in Christ? Be honest with yourself. How well do you know your Bible? How is your prayer life? Are you serving? Are you tithing? If you haven’t grown, ok… admit it and then begin correcting it. Begin reading your Bible. Develop a stronger prayer life. Begin giving.
Get out of that infant stage you are in and grow to become a more mature Christian.
We love Peyton. But, if Peyton remains a baby, something is wrong. We want him to grow into a mature person. We should grow as Christians as well.

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