Why Was A Cross And Blood Necessary To Save Man’s Sins?

A cross.
Just an old wooden cross.
Two sticks of wood.. One vertical… one horizontal.
The cross was an instrument the Romans used for capital punishment. It was a horrendous form of death. Those who died on the cross suffered greatly.
But the cross, is very special to Christians. For Christians, an object used for capital punishment became an object of freedom and salvation. Because it was on the cross that Jesus Christ died. Jesus hung on the cross for six hours and during that time all of the sin of mankind was placed on his body. Jesus suffered for our sin. He paid the price for our sin.
The cross is something the world has difficulty understanding. How could a cross.. an instrument of death… turn into an instrument of salvation? Yet the apostle Paul said, “The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction” (I Cor. 1:18)!
Some might ask, “Why was it necessary for someone to die for my sins? Why was it necessary for blood to be shed?”
The reason is that God required blood for the forgiveness of sins. The reason blood was required was that life was in the blood. Blood carries oxygen throughout our circulatory system. Blood was required to pay the price for man’s sin. So, when Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood, that blood became the instrument that could save man from his sin.
As the old song goes;
And the old rugged cross made the difference;
In a life bound for heartache and defeat.
I will praise Him forever and ever.
For the cross made the difference for me.”

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