Instead Of Half-Honest, Be 100% Honest

Integrity means honesty. It means being trustworthy. It means not gossiping.
Are you a person of integrity? Are you honest? Can you be counted on? Or, do you say one thing but do another?
Psalms 22:7 says, "The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them."
So, are you a person of integrity? Or, do you stretch the truth? Integrity is sorely missing in our world. In the Atlanta Journal Constitution there is a section that takes statements made by politicians and determines if they are honest statements. Think about that…we cannot trust our elected officials to be honest. That's sad.
So what about you?
There is a scene in "Lonesome Dove," where Gus is talking to his old girlfriend Claire. She asks something and he replies, "I'm about half honest." I like ole Gus but, he needs to be 100% honest.
We need to be 100% honest as well. Today, be a person of integrity

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