Today, Don’t Sin With Your Mouth

       I wonder how many words will be spoken today? Think about….from TV to radio, to business…how many words will be spoken? Now, let’s go a step farther…how many bad words…critical words…how many “F bombs” will be dropped? There is no way of knowing but, it will be way more than it should be.
      We are living in a very negative, hateful, judgmental, irreverent culture. People use the “F” word routinely. The Republicans criticize the Democrats. The Democrats criticize the Republicans. People on talk-shows yell at one another.
      We all should do what the Psamist did… He said, “I am determined not to sin in Whst I say.” If all of us did that, the world would be a FAR better place.
      Today, refrain from using the “F” word.
       Today, don’t gossip.
       Today, don’t judge Hugh Freeze.
       Today, don’t complain about Washington…do something to helo someone.
       Today, instead of criticizing, encourage.
        Today, instead of yelling, love.
        Determine not to sin with your mouth.

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