When God Abandons Someone

      God loves everyone and God will save anyone but, there are times when God will abandon someone. In Romans 1:24 the Bible says, “So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired.” What does that mean?
       The Bible says the Holy Spirit is in the world convicting of sin. So, let’s say there is a person living in sin. God’s spirit convicts them but they resist. They do not repent of their sins. Let’s say this process happens several times but they never repent. This person can get to a point where they do not feel the conviction of the spirit and God abandons them. That’s what Paul was talking about in Romans 1.
       Now, what happens to the person God abandons? If they never repent they spend eternity in hell. And when God abandons someone, it often takes a brush with death for the person to repent.
       If you know someone whom you feel God is convicting, pray they will repent before God abandons them. Maybe you fall in this category. If God is convicting you, repent of your sins and turn to a living God.

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