How We Can Be Better Citizens

      Independence Day is over. Yesterday, we celebrated our freedom as Americans. At the foinding of our nation, Ben Franklin told someone, “We have given you a republic, if we can keep it.”
       What must we do to keep our republic?
        First, we need to be involved in our communities. Jesus said, “Ye are the salt of the earth….and the light of the world.” That means we are to live in a manner that makes our communities, our towns…our schools a better place.
        Second, we need to stop the name-calling and criticism. There is WAY too much of that today.
        A couple of years ago, some event was held in Massachusetts in honor of the late Ted Kennedy. Trent Lott attended. That is Trent Lott, former Senator from      Mississippi…a very conservative state. Ted Kennedy was very liberal and Trent Lott was very conservative yet they were friends. They got along. We need more of that today.
       We need to pray for our leaders.
Fourth, instead of accepting something you see on the web as the gospel, research it. Find out if it’s true.
       America is still a great nation but we need to fix some things. Join me and let’s do our part to be better citizens.

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