“How To Have A Clear Conscience”

      “My conscious is clean.”
       Have you ever heard someone say that? Maybe you have said it. When we say “My conscience is clear,” we are saying we feel good about what we’ve done. Our actions don’t bother us.
       In Acts 23:1, the apostle Paul said,
“Brothers, I have always lived before God with a clear conscience!” But how could Paul say that? Prior to his conversion Paul agreed with killing Stephen. Paul had persecuted Christians yet, he could say his conscience was clear? How could he do that?
       Because he had been forgiven of all sin. Yes, Paul had made mistakes but, Jesus had forgiven him.
       The same is true for us. All of us have made mistakes. All of have us have done things we shouldnt have. But, thank the Lord, we can be forgiven.
       There is an old hymn we sang that goes;
       “Grace, grace; God’s grace.
         Grace that will pardon and cleanse within.
         Grace, grace; God’s grace.
         Grace that is greater than all our sin.”
         On this July 4th, as we celebrste our freedom as Americans, lets celebrate and be thankful for our freedom from sin as well.

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