In A World Of Religious Ideas – Jesus Stands Alone

We live in a day where many people are interested in spiritual things. And, there are lots of spiritual ideas in the world. For instance, you may have seen a bumper sticker that has symbols of many world religions and these words on top of the symbols; “Co-exist.” The idea of that bumper sticker is that every world religion is ok.
In the book of Acts, there was a time when Paul was in Athens. He saw all the idols that had been erected in the city. Each idol represented a god that the people worshiped. Then, Paul noticed an idol that read, “To an unkown god.” The purpose of that idol was that, in case the people of Athens had missed a god, this idol was supposed to cover it.
When Paul saw all this, it disturbed him. As he stood before the council Paul said, “Men of Athens, I notice that you are very religious…” The same is true today… lots of people are interested in spiritual things but many are deceived and mis-led. We are living in a time where people are almost making up their own doctrine. Many want to believe that one religious idea is as good as another.
I love everyone. I try to be as tolerant as I can be and I try to respect the opinions of others but, my life is based on the teaching’s of the Bible and the Bible says that in a world of many gods and many religious ideas, there is only true God and that is Jesus. When I say that, I’m not trying to be arrogant or narrow-minded; I’m just stating what the Bible says.
Now, someone may say, “Ok, how do you know the Bible is true? I mean, every religion has it’s own holy book.” And, they are right. But the Bible stands out from other holy books because it was divinely inspired… God moved men to write the pages of scripture. And, over the course of history, the Bible has been attacked and criticized yet, it has withstood the attacks of critics.
In a world of lots of religious ideas… in a world of interest in spiritual things, Jesus Christ is the one true God. I encourage you to build your life on Him.

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