Surrounded By Trouble

Country musician Tanya Tucker has a song entitled, “Trouble.”
The lyrics are…
“Trouble on my heart, trouble on my mind.
It’s never really hard for me to find, some kind of trouble.”
Maybe you feel like those lyrics…. “Trouble on my heart, trouble on my mind.”
In the movie “Tombstone;” there is a scene where Wyatt Earp says “We don’t want any trouble.” I forget the character’s name who responds but he says, “Well you got trouble!”
Psalm 138:7 says, “Though I am surrounded by troubles, you will protect me from the anger of my enemies.” The Psalmist was going through some tough times… he says he was “surrounded by troubles.” Things can get like that…. we can feel we are surrounded by troubles.
Maybe it’s financial troubles or marital troubles or troubles on the job… maybe even emotional troubles. When we have so many troubles, it can lead to depression or a feeling of hopelessness.
Notice how the Psalmist dealt with his troubles. He said to the Lord, “.. though I am surrounded by troubles, you (God) will protect me…” I don’t know what you are facing today but the Lord promises to be with you. That may not mean that we are suddenly free of all troubles. There are times when the Lord helps us by helping us handle our troubles. He doesn’t take them away, he helps us handle them. The apostle Paul had what he called “thorn in his side.” He prayed and prayed for God to remove it but God never did. Instead, God told Paul, “My grace is sufficient for thee” (I Cor. 12:9).
So today, you may feel like you are “surrounded by troubles.” If so, the Lord can help you. He may remove the troubles but He may just give you the strength to handle the troubles. God is with us at all times.

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