Red And Yellow, Black And White

We live in a very diverse society.
White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Republican, Democrat, etc…
And, if we aren’t careful, we can judge people based on their color, background, etc.
However, instead of judging, we should remember the words to the little children’s song;
“Red and Yellow, Black and White.
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world.”
God doesn’t see color or ethnic background. God just sees people… people with souls who need to know Christ.
In the early chapters of the book of Acts, the gospel was being presented to the Jews. But God didn’t intend for the Jews to be the only ones who heard the gospel. God intended for all people to hear the gospel.
In Acts 10, there is a story about how the gospel crossed a barrier to begin to reach the Gentiles. Simon Peter was on the rooftop of a house praying. While he was praying, he became hungry. Peter fell into a trance and had a dream. In his dream, a sheet was lowered from heaven that had all kinds of animals on it. Peter heard the Lord say, “Arise Peter, kill and eat.”
But Peter responded, “Surely not Lord, I have never eaten anything unclean!”
The sheet was lowered a second time and Peter heard the voice of God again and he responded the same way. This happened three times and the sheet was taken up into heaven. After this, Peter began to wander what it meant.
About that time, there was a knock on Peter’s door. It was men that had been sent by Cornelius of Caesarea. He had been told to send men for Peter. Cornelius was a Gentile and Peter was a Jew. He didn’t think the gospel was intended to reach the Gentiles but, he went with these men.
Peter gets to the home of Cornelius and the Bible says, the Holy Spirit came down in mighty form. Witnessing this, Peter knew that the gospel was for Gentiles as well as Jews. Peter said, “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism” (Acts 10:34).
God does not show favoritism. God loves everyone.
Do you have a tendency to judge people or show favoritism? We are all human and it can happen but it shouldn’t continue. God showed Peter that the gospel was meant for everyone… regardless of background. The same is true today.

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