“As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord”

Pope John Paul II once said, “As the home goes, so goes society.” He was spot on. The home is the foundation of society.
Home is where children learn values. Home is where children are loved and accepted. This is why the home is so important. The years a person spends at home… as a child and a teenager, are the formative years in a person’s life.
Psalms 127:3 says, “Unless the Lord builds a house the work of the builders is wasted.” Think about that verse… “Unless the Lord builds a house…” What does that mean?
A family may live in a beautiful house, but if the Lord is not the head of the house, the family is incomplete. So why should the Lord be the head of the house?
First, because God started the home. In the book of Genesis, after God made mad, he realized that man needed a help-mate so God made woman. God started the home.
Second, God’s principles are the best way to raise children. If a child grows up in a Christian home, they are taught reverence for the Bible, they are taught to get involved in a local church and worship, they are tight to give and they are taught to have respect for their elders.
Are you putting God first in your home? Do you say the blessing at meal time? Are you teaching your children to say “Yes, sir” and “No sir.” Is your family involved in a local church? Do you worship regularly?
As you drive through a neighborhood, you can see beautiful houses. You may say, “That is a beautiful home,” and it may well be. Then, you drive past another house that is smaller and not nearly as attractive. But, that house may be better than the larger, more attractive house because Jesus is the head of the house and it’s filled with love.
I encourage you to put the Lord first in your home. I encourage you to let the Lord build your house.
Years ago, when Joshua was about to die, he called Israel together and challenged them to continue serving God. Then Joshua said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). May that be our goal as well.

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