Babes In Christ or Maturing In Christ?

(A word of challenge this morning…)
Like all grandparents, Holli and I love our grandson, Peyton Hollis. You have seen plenty of pictures on Facebook of Peyton. We love holding him and loving on him.
When we visit with Peyton, at times, we sit down and hold him. But then, Peyton begins to cry. When he begins to cry, it’s normally one of four things; either his diaper is wet, or he’s hungry or he’s sleepy or, he doesn’t like the position he’s being held in. So, yesterday I was sitting down and holding Peyton until he started crying. I got up and he was still crying. So, we went outside and the crying stopped. At one point, Holli said,     “Look who’s in charge here… a two month old.”
Christian’s can be like Peyton.. who is a two-month old baby. Christians will complain about most anything. Maybe something has changed in the church and they don’t like it. Maybe a song was sung in worship and they don’t like it. Maybe someone sat in their spot in worship and they don’t like it. Maybe their Sunday School class has ben asked to swap rooms and they don’t like it. So they complain until they get their way or at times, they may leave the church because they didn’t get their way.
In I Corinthians 3:1, the apostle Paul talked about “babes in Christ.” Some of the Christians in Corinth were still drinking milk when they should have matured enough to be eating solid food.
What about you? Are you maturing as a Christian? Or, are you still complaining when you don’t get your way? Peyton Hollis is a two-month old baby. And, he’s going to be a baby for a while. Some of us have been Christians for years yet, we are still complaining.      We need to mature as Christians. How does that happen? By reading God’s word and applying the principles of God’s word in our lives. By realizing that church is not all about our desires but instead, to reach others for Christ.
As kindly as I can say this… some of us need to grow up spiritually. Let’s start getting off the milk today.

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