“A Pat On The Back Or A Kick In The Tail?”

We all need it. Look at the word… “ENcouragement…” So, to encourage someone means to put courage into them. It means to give them an “attaboy,” or “pat on the back.”
Now look at the word “discourage.” To DIScourage means to take courage out of someone. To DIScourage means to tear down rather than to build up.
The world is full of discouragers.. we need more encouragers.
In Acts 4, the Bible tells of a man named Barnabas. The name Barnabas means “Son of Encouragement.” Barnabas sold a field that he owned and brought money from the field and gave it to the apostles. Barnabas was an encourager… he was trying to help.
Each one of us is either an encourager or a discourager. Are you an encourager? Are one who tries to build others up? Or, are you a discourager? Someone who is constantly tearing others down?
Now, someone may say, “Well, there are times when you have to say unpleasant things to a person,” and that is true. But, hopefully we encourage more than we discourage.
Maybe you have a friend who needs a word of encouragement. Maybe a family member… Maybe someone you aren’t particularly close to but, someone you know needs a word of encouragement. Today, encourage someone. Say a kind word. Buy someone’s lunch. Help someone.
There is an old saying that goes… “Remember that a pat on the back is only a few inches away from kick in the behind.”
We should all follow the example of Barnabas and encourage.

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