Like Johnny Cash: Lots Of People Need Reassurance

Last  night I watched the movie “Walk The Line,” again.  You are familiar with the story.  It’s about the life of country music legend, Johnny Cash.
Early in his life, Johnny had problems with substance abuse. During this time, he meets June Carter Cash and she begins trying to help him get his life together.
In one scene, Johnny and June go to church. They pull up in front of a little white church and you can hear the people singing in the church. Johnny gets out of the car and he’s a little hesitant. He wants to go to church but, he’s not sure about the reception he’s going to get. June recognizes this and reaches out to hold his hand as if to give Johnny reassurance. She says, “it will be ok.”
Johnny Cash is like lots of people who may attend churches this morning. They have problems… some are trying to whip liquor or drugs or gambling.. Some have a marriage that is struggling and they were trying… trying their best to work it out and they have decided to give church a try.
This morning, reach out and encourage someone. Lots of folks, like Johnny Cash… are struggling. Don’t judge. Don’t throw stones. We all need the Lord. We all need some reassurance that it will be “ok.”

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