Washing His Disciples Feet, Jesus Set An Example For us

What does following Jesus mean?
What is different about us because we are followers of Christ?
Is it worshiping every week? That’s some of it… worship should be important to us.
Is it giving our money to the church? That’s some of it as well.
And I could name many other things that are part of following Christ. In John 13, Jesus did something that provides an excellent example to us of what living for Christ means; Jesus washed His disciples feet.
In Bible days, washing someone’s feet was the task of a house-servant. It was a menial task. So, when Jesus washed His disciples feet, He was demonstrating for them humble, Christian service.
Part of following Jesus means to humble ourselves and be willing to serve or do whatever is needed. It’s not feeling we are “above” doing something. It’s not feeling we are “too big” to do something.
Years ago, when I was serving Gillsburg Baptist in Osyka, Ms, I had a youth event and invited the youth from FBC Kentwood, LA. Their youth minister was the late, Jim Headrick. Jim was a model for me.
After the event, we went into the fellowship hall for the meal. He and I were talking “minister” stuff. Then, Jim went over and began helping the ladies cut tomatoes for the taco’s. So, there are several ladies from our youth group preparing the meal and in the middle of them is Jim Headrick.. the youth minister from the big church down road.
As I watched this I thought, “What is he doing? I mean, we are supposed to be talking Minister stuff but he’s cutting tomatoes.”
Then, the Lord convicted me; Jim Headrick is doing what I should be doing… helping the ladies prepare for the meal. I’m not too important to do that.”
The Lord used Jim to teach me a lesson that night. None of us are too big or too important to do anything. Jesus set an example for us by washing His disciples feet.

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