Raising Lazarus From The Grave

In the last year or so, I was in a convenience store and the store clerk was a young man. His name tag read, “Lazarus.” I thought, “you don’t see many folks with the name ‘Lazarus.'” I was tempted to but, since there was a line of people behind me I didn’t get into a theological discussion but I did ask, how he got the name. I figured his mother was a Christian and named her son after Lazarus in the Bible. Well, I didn’t get the response I was expecting.
The young man said, “It’s just an old family name.”
I admit, I was kind of surprised.  I wanted to say, “So, you just happen to come from a family where lots of  folks are named Lazarus?” But I didn’t.
Even if a person isn’t extremely familiar with the Bible they have possibly heard about Lazarus. He was the brother of Mary and Martha whom Jesus raised from the dead.
Lazarus resurrection convinced many people skeptical about Jesus that He was the Messiah. After all, folks don’t rise from graves. So Lazarus resurrection proved that was the Messiah.
Jesus is still raising people from the dead. I don’t mean in a literal sense… but symbolically… spiritually. Jesus raises us and frees us from a lifestyle of sin.
Jesus raises the person in bondage to drugs.
Jesus raises the person in bondage to alcohol.  Every now and then I will see a Facebook post where someone says, “…. of days of sobriety.”  They have been raised from the bondage of alcohol.
It may be that you are struggling with some personal demon. Maybe you have a habit that you struggle with. Maybe there are some lifestyle issues that you are struggling with.       There is hope for you even though you may think there isn’t. Just as Jesus brought Lazarus from the grave, He could help us overcome any issue we face.

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