Waiting On The Lord Instead Of Barging Ahead

      When we pray, the answer is always “yes,” “no,” or “wait.” We only like one of those and that’s “yes.” When we hear “no” or “wait,” we should wait on the Lord instead of forcing the issue.
       In I Samuel 28, Saul saw the vast Philistine army and became afraid. He prayed to the Lord for direction but got none. So instead of waiting on God, Saul asked if their was a medium in the area? He was told there was and he went to talk with her.
      Now get the picture; Saul has asked Jehovah God for direction. He gets no word from God and he settles for a medium? A fortune-teller…
      Waiting on God is FAR better than any direction we will get from somewhere else. 
So, are you asking God for something but you haven’t gotten an answer? Don’t get impatient and move ahead. Wait on the Lord. God’s “No” or “Wait,” is far better than being out of God’s will. 

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