“God Give Me The Sense To Know Right From Wrong”

“He or she doesn’t have a lick of sense.”
Have you ever heard someone say that about another person? When someone says that about another person, they are saying that person has no sense of right and wrong. The person is constantly doing foolish things.
The verse just before this says “foolishness brings joy to those with no sense.” Think about that. To the person that has no sense of right and wrong, foolishness makes them happy. I’ve known people who almost glory at their foolishness.
Where do we get “sense?” It comes from knowing right from wrong. It comes from knowing the principles of scripture. It comes from being taught right from wrong in the home.
A person doesn’t have to be a very intelligent person to have “sense.” A person doesn’t need wealth to have sense. Having “sense” means just using basic common sense and doing the right thing.
So, do you have sense? If not, you can. Years ago, Solomon went to the Lord in prayer when he became king of Israel. God appeared to him and He asked Solomon what he wanted? Solomon replied that he needed wisdom to lead the people of Israel. Hearing his prayer, God gave Solomon wisdom.
Wisdom and “sense” are basically the same. Today, ask the Lord for the “sense” needed to know right from wrong and the strength to do it.

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