Follow The Lord Instead Of People

If you are a parent, it’s very likely that at some point you have heard one of your children say something like, “But Daddy, so & so is doing it!” Or, “But Momma, so and so is doing it.” If you heard that, your child was asking to do something that “everyone” was doing.
“Everyone” seemed like… everyone… as in every person in the school is doing it but, that isn’t normally the case. “Everyone” may have been every person your child knew. But, regardless of who represented “everyone,” your child was asking permission to do something because “everyone” was doing it.
But, what they they were asking permission to do was something they didn’t need to be doing. They wanted to do it because they thought at least, all of there friends were doing it and they wanted to be “cool” like everyone else.
This isn’t limited to kids. Adults do this as well.
In I Samuel 8, the people of Israel told Samuel they wanted a king. Samuel told them God was their King, they didn’t need a King. But that didn’t satisfy the people. They told Samuel “we want to be like the nations around us.” In other words, Israel wanted a King because “everyone is doing it.”
That’s called peer pressure and all of us are susceptible to it.
Have you ever done something because “everyone” else is doing it? Very likely you have. Or, maybe you can say, “Nope, I’ve always been my own person. I’ve never followed the crowd.” If so, good for you!
In living the Christian life, we need to keep our eyes on Jesus. Just because others are doing something, doesn’t mean we should do it.
Maybe you have a teenager who is struggling with this. Maybe they are doing some things that you aren’t comfortable with because they want to be like everyone else.
Maybe some of us are doing some things we shouldn’t be doing… we know we shouldn’t be doing it but we want to fit in with the crowd.
Samuel warned Israel they didn’t need a king but, they insisted. Maybe God is warning you about something you need to stop or get out of. Follow the Lord instead of people.

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