“I Have HEARD About You.”

“I know everything you have done…”
“I have heard…”
Imagine someone said that to us. Imagine someone approached you and said, “I have HEARD about you..” You might wilt a little because you know, you have sowed some wild oats in your time. All of us have made mistakes.
But seriously, what if someone said that to us. We might say, “Well, go ahead… get it all out.. cause I’ve done some crazy things.”
Or, hopefully we would say, “Yes, there is no telling what you have heard about me. I’ve done some crazy things in my time but, I am so thankful Jesus forgave me of All my sins!”
Well, in the book of Ruth, a man named Boaz approaches Ruth and says, “I know about everything you have done.” Ruth, was a young lady who had followed her mother-in-law, Naomi to Naomi’s homeland. Ruth had been married to one of Naomi’s son’s but he died. Naomi told Ruth she didn’t have to follow her. But Ruth insisted.
So, when Naomi went home, Ruth went with her. The other people saw this young lady and immediately admired her because she didn’t have to go with Naomi. She did it because she thought it was the right thing to do. And now, God is blessing her for doing it.
There was a man name Boaz who was a close relative of Ruth. He was called a “kinsman redeemer.” He approached Ruth and said, “I know all about you… you have a great reputation!”
Could that be said of us? If someone approached us who had never met us, what would they say? Could they say we have a great reputation or not?
Hopefully we all have good reputation’s But let’s say we don’t. All we can do is begin trying to correct it.
We need to live our lives in a way that, if someone liked Boaz approached us and said, “I know everything about you, our heart wouldn’t skip a beat, because we know we have tried to live for the Lord.

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