Jesus or Barabbas; The Choice Is Yours

We make choices daily. Some may be big choices while others are small. Still, we make choices.
The most important choice anyone will ever make is accepting Jesus Christ as Savior.        That choice is the most important because it has eternal significance. Yet, even though it’s the most important choice we will make, thousands of people have made the wrong choice.
In Luke 23, Pilate examined Jesus. And, he found no wrong in Jesus. So, he told the religious leaders that he was going to release Jesus. But when he said this, the crowd protested. They yelled, “Kill him and release Barabbas!” Barabbas was in prison because he took part in revolting against the Roman government and, for killing someone.
So, get the picture; the choice was… Barabbas… a criminal… or Jesus. And the crowd chose Barabbas. How stupid can you be?
Barabbas or Jesus. A criminal or a miracle-worker.
Barabbas or Jesus. A criminal or a man who forgave sinners.
Yet, the crowd chose Barabbas and the crowd continues to make poor choices.
But what about us? Who are we choosing? Some today choose Alcohol or drugs over Jesus.
Some choose wealth over Jesus.
Some choose popularity over Jesus.
Who do you choose today? Years ago Joshua said to the people of Israel, “Choose for yourselves whom you will serve.. but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24).
Choose Christ today.

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