God Forgives Our Secret Sins

All of us have sinned. But we also have “secret sins.” Let me explain.
Everyone of us have had a bad thought or said something we shouldn’t say or did something we shouldn’t do. But in addition to those, we have things we did that we are really reluctant to talk about. It may be something that we are embarrassed by or something that maybe we think God can’t forgive.
Well, Psalms 90:8 says, “You spread out our sins before you—our secret sins—and you see them all.”
Think about that…. the Lord spreads out our secret sins. The sins that we are embarrassed about…. the sins we think God may not forgive…. God spreads them out before Him.
But, we have to ask for forgiveness.
So what is your secret sin? Whatever it is, God will forgive… but we must be sorry for it… repent of it…. and God will forgive.
Today, you can get that load off your mind The thing that you are afraid to admit… give it to the Lord. He knows what it is already. So confess it. Give it to the Lord and He will forgive. And because He forgives us, we should serve Him!

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