The Value Of Using “Good Sense.”

“They don’t have any sense.”
Ever heard someone say that? Or, maybe you’ve heard someone say, “He’s always had good sense.”
What does “good sense” mean? It refers, in general, to how we live our lives. It refers to decisions we make. In general, when we make decisions, do we make them using good sense or no sense?
Proverbs 13:15 says “A person with good sense is respected; a treacherous person is headed for destruction.”
Think about that… “a person with good sense is respected.” That refers to someone who thinks clearly.. someone who is rational…. someone who normally makes good decisions.
So, how do we get good sense? For most people, it comes from our homes. As we grow up, our Parents teach us to use good sense. It comes from knowing right from wrong. It comes from an understanding of and application of the principles of Scripture.
So, question; are you known as a person who has “good sense” or as someone who doesn’t have much “sense?” The Bible says that a “treacherous person is headed for destruction.”
Maybe you’ve made some mistakes because you haven’t always used “good sense.” You can change. Ask the Lord to help you use good sense.. to help you make decisions based on right from wrong and on the principles of Scripture.
John Wooden had an old saying that speaks volumes; “There is choice we make in everything we do; Just remember that in the end, the choice you make makes you.”
Ask the Lord for good sense today.

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