Why Jesus Crucifixion Was Necessary

Today is Good Friday. We remember the crucifixion of Jesus. But why was Jesus crucifixion necessary? Let’s go back in time.
In the Old Testament, God had set up an elaborate sacrificial system for the purpose of covering the sin of the people of Israel. To do this, every year, on what was called “The Day of Atonement,” the great High Priest went through a ritual to cover the sins of Israel.       A lamb was slain and the blood from the lamb went into a basin. The great High Priest would then take that bowl into a room known as the “Holy of Holies.” He would sprinkle that blood over the mercy seat and in doing so, the sin of the people would be covered for one year. This had to be done every year.
Now, fast forward. When Jesus came into the world, He came to be the lamb that was slain. On the Passover, when Jesus was arrested, tried and convicted, Jesus was sentenced to die on the cross. Jesus became our Passover lamb.
So, when Jesus shed His blood on the cross, that blood covers our sins. So, today, if anyone will, they can pray and ask Jesus Christ to come into their hearts and their sins will be forgiven.
Someone may say, “Come on, dude… it can’t be that simple.”
Yes it is. If you will repent of your sins (be sorry for them) and ask Jesus Christ into your heart, you can be saved. It’s that simple.
You may think, “But I’ve done some bad things…”
We’ve all done some bad things.
Jesus will forgive us anything in our lives… we just have to ask.
David committed adultery. He was forgiven.
Moses killed a man. He was forgiven.
Peter denied Jesus. He was forgiven.
Paul was leading in the persecution of Christians. He was forgiven.
Jesus loves us and will forgive us if we ask.
Today, know that Jesus shed blood covers our sins if we will ask.

P.S. If you read this and want more information about how to become a Christian, send me a Direct Message and I will be glad to help you. And, please share this message on your Facebook wall.

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