“My House Is To Be Called A House Of Prayer But You Have Turned Into A Robber’s Den”

Jesus was known for love. He loved all people and told His followers to do the same. So, if Jesus was known for love, you wouldn’t think Jesus would get angry.
But He did… when He saw the money-changers in the Temple. It was Monday of Passion week. As Jesus went to the Temple, He saw a carnival-like atmosphere. Let me give you some background.
Every Jew had to pay a temple-tax of one half-shekel and it had to be paid near the Passover time. A month before Passover, booths were set up in all towns and villages for the Jews to pay the tax but after a certain date, it could only be paid in the Temple itself. This is why many pilgrims were in Jerusalem at the Passover… to pay the Temple tax. And, the tax had to be paid in certain types of currency. So, Jews would come to Jerusalem to pay the Temple-tax but many had to have their currency exchanged for currency that was acceptable. On the surface that seemed ok but, the money-changers charged a fee to exchange the currency.
So, as Jesus made His way into the Temple, He saw this carnival-like atmosphere and it made Him angry. The house of God had been turned into a robber’s den.
What does this passage mean to us today? Well, I’ve known churches that would not allow things to be sold in the church. For example, maybe a music group comes to the church and they have CD’s or a guest Pastor comes and He has sermon’s on CD and they will put those on display in the church foyer. There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion.
But what we have to be careful of is that purpose of the church remains as a place of love and compassion and ministry. Jesus got angry because people were making lots of money off of exchanging currency for something they had to do.. which was pay a Temple tax.
The Church is to be a place of love… a place of acceptance… a place of forgiveness… during this Holy Week, as we remember Jesus final days… let’s remember that. As Jesus hung on the cross He said, “Father, forgive Them for they know no what they do.” Jesus was forgiving others while on the cross. Let’s remember what our faith is all about… helping, loving and caring for people… not profiting off of them.

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