What Was Inside The Ark Of The Covenant

      I’m teaching an Introduction To The Old Testament at Cartersville First Baptist Church on Wednesday nights. In studying for tonight I read this… It’s good stuff.
The Ark of the Covenant had 4 items…
1) The two stone tablets on which Moses had received the Ten Commandments
2) A pot of manna
3) and Aaron’ staff (Numbers 17:1–11).
These were a continual reminder of what was most important: God’s covenant with His people (the two tablets), His gracious material provisions (the manna), and His provision of a way to Him through the priesthood, and specifically through the high priest (the staff; see also Hebrews 8)
God’s Instruction (10 Commandments)
God’s Provision (manna)
God’s Salvation (staff)
Those three are still important today.

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