An Explanation Of Baptism

Let’s talk about baptism today. You might think, “is baptism THAT big of a deal?” We are saved through it but, we do need to know what the Bible says about it.
In the gospels, when Jesus began His ministry, He went to John the Baptist and had John baptize Him. The fact that Jesus was baptized should indicate that’s important. The apostle Paul said that in baptism, “…we are buried with Christ and raised to walk in newness of life” (Romans 6:4). So, when we go under the water, we are being buried like Jesus was buried. When we arise from the water, we are being raised like Jesus was raised.
But HOW should one be baptized. Baptists believe the proper way to be baptized is by immersion. Immersion means being totally submerged. We believe that is the proper way because the greek word for “baptize” means to “immerse.” In fact, we are “Baptists” because we believe in baptism by immersion. Several hundred years ago, the church practiced sprinkling. Some of our Baptist forefathers believed so strongly in baptism my immersion that some of them lost their lives because of it.
So, we are not saved through baptism but, it is important. Now, someone may say, “Ok, let’s say a man on his deathbed gives his life to Christ. He can’t be baptized. Does he go to heaven?” Of course he does. That is a very special situation.
Someone else might mention the thief on the cross and they would point out that he wasn’t baptized and they are right. But again, that was a special situation. If a person is able to be baptized, they should be baptized. It is not required for salvation but it is important.

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