What Difference Does It Make That Man Is A Spiritual Being?

Of all of God’s creation, man is special. The Bible says that God breathed into man “the breath of life.” This means that man is a spiritual being and is different from the rest of God’s creation. But what does that mean?
Because man is a spiritual being, man has a soul. Since God made man and man has a soul, man will only be happy when he is connected spiritually with God. In order to be connected spiritually, man must have a relationship with God and that comes when man asks Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to come into his heart and save him from his sins.
Man’s life is sacred. You may be familiar with the phrase “the sanctity of life;” that refers to man’s life and life is sacred and is not to be taken in any form.
But let’s focus on man being a spiritual being. Man can be wealthy but be unhappy. Man can have fame but be unhappy. Man can be educated but be unhappy. The reason is man must be connected spiritually with God. It doesn’t matter how wealthy or famous or educated man may be, unless man’s spiritual life is right with God, man will not be happy.
So, each one of us needs to be sure we are right with God spiritually. That is done by accepting Christ our Savior and enjoying an ongoing relationship with God. When that happens, even if the stock market goes up and down, we are still happy because our happiness isn’t found in money or materialism but instead, in our relationship with God.
Man is a spiritual being and the life of man is sacred. We must now God personally and walk with Him in order to enjoy meaning and happiness in life.

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