Does God Exist And If So, Who Created Him?

      Does God exist? And if so, who created God?
      Have you ever asked those questions or something similar? Very possibly you have.       So, what are the answers?
       Well, Genesis 1:1 answers both questions; “In the beginning God.” The verse does not attempt to explain the origin of God. The verse doesn’t say anything about the origin of God. It simply says “In the beginning God.”
       The verse tells us that God exists. Most who are reading this post don’t debate that. We accept it. But, there are lots of people who do not believe in the existence of God. These people are known as “atheists.”
I have communicated with a few people who are atheists and for them, science is God. If something can’t be scientifically proven then, it doesn’t exist. Well, as far as I know at least, science cannot prove the existence of God so, for the atheist, that means God doesn’t exist.
      But, Christianity at it’s core is about faith. None of us where in Israel when Jesus was on the earth. So, how do we know He is real? We accept what the Bible says about Jesus through faith. In same way, we accept that God exists because the Bible says it.
But who created God? No one did. God is. God has always been and God will always be.
       So what does this mean to us? It means that we should worship God. We sing praises to God because God is the creator of the universe.
       God spoke and the world came into existence.
      God parted the waters of the Red Sea.
       God parted the Jordan.
      God used a teen-age boy, David, to defeat a giant with a sling-shot and a rock.
      God caused a virgin to conceive and give birth to Jesus, the Savior of the world.
      God IS.
       God has always been.
       God will always be.
       We worship God, the creator of the universe.

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