Why Is The Virgin Birth So Important?

Ok… I am going to go a little deeper in my post today. Most of the time I try to write something practical but today we are going to deal with doctrine… the word “doctrine” means teaching.
You have probably heard of the virgin birth. The virgin birth refers to Jesus’ birth. Jesus was giving birth by Mary, who was a virgin. She had never had intercourse with anyone. The Bible says, “You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be very great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his ancestor David. And he will reign over Israel forever; his Kingdom will never end!” (Luke 1:37)
Ok, so someone might say, “Come on dude… do you really believe Mary hadn’t had sex?”
Yes I do… the Bible says it so I accept it. The Bible says the Holy Spirit caused her to conceive. Ok, so why is that a big deal?
Well, let’s go back to the beginning of time. God made man and then made woman. God put them in the garden of Eden. Everything was fine until Adam and Eve disobeyed God and took the fruit that God had told them not to take. When they did, sin came into the world. So, Adam and Eve… the first people.. sinned. And everyone is a descendant of Adam and Eve so, anytime another child is born, that child comes into the world as a sinner… because we are all descendants of Adam and Eve.
So, we come into the world as sinners. We have no choice in the matter. As sinners, we are separated from God. So, we have a sin problem that we can’t fix. Man needs a perfect sacrifice.
That’s where the virgin birth comes in. God sent His Son Jesus, into this world to die for the sin of mankind. But, Jesus had to be perfect… If Jesus is born in the normal way… that is conceived by an earthly dad and earthly mom, then Jesus is born with the nature of Adam. So, God caused a virgin to conceive. So, Jesus Dad was God and Mary was His Mom. Mary was a virgin so, we have what is called the Virgin Birth.
Over two-thousand-years, the Virgin Birth has been attacked. Critics have said there is no way it could happen. And they are right… there is no way outside of God, that it could happen.
But the Virgin Birth is essential to our salvation. If Jesus is not born of a Virgin, then we have no salvation because Jesus would have been just another person born with the nature of Adam. But Jesus was Virgin born which means, He was born without sin… and became a perfect sacrifice for our sins.
Today, thank the Lord for the virgin birth of Jesus because through it, we have salvation.

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