God Does Answer Our Prayers… But It May Take Time

We live in an instant society. We want everything NOW. We get instant news. We can download something instantly. We can even get frustrated if the wifi signal is a tad bit slow. I know cause I’ve been there. But there are times when things just take time. There are times, when things don’t happen over night.
Go back with me about several thousand years. The people of Israel were living in Egypt and times were tough. Times were so tough that the Israelites were praying for God to help them. And, God did answer their prayers… but it took a while.
God answered their prayers by raising up Moses. When Israel started praying, Moses wasn’t even born. And even Moses birth was miraculous. The Pharoah in Egypt had issued an order that all Hebrew male children were to be killed. But Moses, miraculously survived.
Then, when Moses becomes an adult, he murders an Egyptian because he is mistreating a Hebrew. So, Moses flees to the desert. He stays there for a while until God appears to him in a burning bush and has to convince him that he is the man to lead Israel out of Egypt.
So… God did hear Israel’s prayers.. and God did answer… in His time. Is there something you’ve been praying for? It hasn’t happened and maybe you are getting discouraged. Hang in. God does hear and God will answer… but it may take some time.

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