So You Have Made Mistakes…Peter Did Too

      Have you messed up? Who hasnt, right?
      But maybe you feel you have messed up so bad there is no hope for you. Well, you haven’t. None of us have messed up so bad we can’t be forgiven.
      A perfect example of this is Simon Peter. Peter was one of Jesus closest disciples. Yet, on the night of Jesus arrest, someone approached Peter and said, “You are a follower of Jesus.”.
Peter denied knowing Jesus. This heppened two more times and then, a rooster crowed. When Peter heard the rooster crow, he remembered what Jesus said that he would deny Jesus, and Peter broke down and wept.
      So, it’s over for Peter, right? No hope for him, right? Nope, it’s not over!
After Jesus rose from the grave, He met Peter and He challenged Peter to “feed His sheep.” And, on the day of Pentecost, Simon Peter preached the first Christian sermon in history.
      So, get the picture; one night, Peter DENIES knowing Jesus. About fifty days later, that same man is used by the Lord to preach the first Christian sermon in history. Peter would go on to write two books in the New Testament.
      Folks, it wasnt over for Peter and it’s not over for you. Jesus loves you and will use you…regardless of your past.
      And, may I add…churches…maybe there is someone you are considering for leadership but there are some questions. Don’t write the person off…Peter had red flags but God used him and God can use us as well.

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