I Believe, Help My Unbelief!

Faith is at the core of Christianity. It is because one must have faith in the Bible and in Jesus. No one living today saw Jesus. In fact, for just about two-thousand-years, no one living has seen Jesus. So, when we are told the story of Christ, we accept it by faith. Then, to live the Christian life, we do it by faith. We give by faith. We pray by faith.
But for some people, faith can be a struggle.
In Mark 9:24, Jesus cast a demon out of a boy. The boy’s Dad brought him to Jesus. The Dad said, “help us… if you can.”
Jesus replied, “What do you mean, if I can? Anything is possible if you believe.”
Then, the father replied, “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!”
Most of us are like that man at times… we believe… but we also struggle with unbelief. I don’t have a problem at all believing the Bible. i don’t have a problem at all believing in Jesus. But, I admit… I can struggle with faith in day-to-day situations. Like the father above, I have to ask the Lord to help my unbelief.
Maybe you are the same. If so, give it to the Lord. He will help us to have faith.

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