One Inch Of Jesus Garment Healed A Lady

You have done everything you know to do..
You’ve talked to everyone you know to talk to…
You have spent every dollar you have and you have nothing left.
You have no other hope.. it’s in the Lord’s hands..
Perhaps you pray..
Your prayer goes something like this; “Lord, I have done everything I know to do… I have nothing left… I need you… Lord, it’s in your hands..”
That’s the position a lady in the New Testament was in. She had suffered from bleeding for years. She had been to some Doctors but instead of getting better, she had gotten worse. She had probably given up hope of getting any better.
Then, she heard about Jesus. She heard that He had healed some people. So, she decided to try to get to Jesus. The problem was, there was a large crowd around Jesus.
So, she made her way through the crowd. She is trying her best to get face-to-face with Jesus. But, there are lots of people. So, in desperation she thinks, “If I can just touch His robe…. maybe I could be healed.”
She sees Jesus… He’s surrounded by people… She stretches out her arm between people and just touches the hem of His garment. Just the hem. It was no more than six inches of fabric. But she touches it… and immediately, her bleeding stops.
Jesus feels some power leave His body and He asks, “Who touched my robe?”
His disciples said, “Lord, look at the crowd around you… Anyone could have touched it!”
Then, the woman who had been healed was frightened.. she came and lay herself prostrate before Jesus. Jesus looked at her and said, “Your faith has made you well. Go in peace, your suffering is over” (Mark 5:34).
This lady had lost all hope… she had been to Doctor after Doctor and had gotten worse.       But then, she met Jesus.
Maybe you are in the position of that lady… maybe you have done everything you know to do… talked to everyone you know to talk to… spent every dime in your pocket trying to get help… You are at your wits end.
Your only hope is Jesus and He is our best hope. If you are hurting today… if you are looking for hope but you’ve almost given up.. Jesus wants to help you.
Give your life to the Lord… give your problem to the Lord… give your marriage… your finances…. your job…. your children… your health… your church… give it to the Lord.

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