Jesus Helps Us Face And Overcome Our Demons

Do you battle some demons? Do you battle drug or alcohol addiction? Do you battle anger? Do you battle depression? Or, maybe you battle the pain that remains from verbal or sexual abuse. Lots of people battle different kinds of demons. You may refer to someone and say something like, “He or she has some demons they battle.”
Jesus cast out demons during His time on earth. On one occasion, Jesus was in Capernaum and on the Sabbath day He went to the synagogue. A man with an evil spirit cried out for Jesus to leave them alone. Jesus then commanded the evil spirit to come out of the man. When this happened, the crowd was astonished and news about Jesus spread all over the area.
What kind of evil spirit are you dealing with? Whatever it is, Jesus will help you. Is it alcohol or drug addiction? Is it depression or other emotional problems? Is it pain or memories from a troubled past? Do you feel unworthy at times?
Whatever it is, Jesus can help you but, you must give it to the Lord. Lots of people are unwilling to do that because they think they can handle the problem on their own. Friend, there is absolutely no shame in admitting you have a problem. We ALL have problems… my problem is just different from yours.
Whatever you are struggling with today… give it to the lord. Find a competent Christian counselor and let them help you.
Jesus can help you deal with the demons in your life but you have to first, admit you have a problem and you need help and then, turn it over to the Lord.
Give your problem to the Lord today.

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