Don’t Put Your Faith In Your Warhorse

What are you counting on for peace, joy and happiness? Is it your job? Or your hobby? Or maybe your team? Your friends?
Whatever it is, anything or anyone other than the Lord will let you down.
Maybe you are a workaholic. You take pride in the fact that you have climbed the ladder. You are making good money but then… one day.. it’s gone. You lose your job. What then?
Or maybe it’s your team. You take pride in being a fan of a certain team. You go to all the games… but your team lets you down.
What about your friends? We hope this doesn’t happen but, people will let you down. So, what do you count on?
There isn’t but one thing that lasts and it’s the Lord. Psalms 33:17 says, “Don’t count on your warhorse to give you victory—for all its strength, it cannot save you.” (NLT)
The New American Standard translates that “A horse is a false hope of victory.”
The idea was, a king could put his trust in his army. If he had a vast army, he might feel secure. But the Psalmist is saying you shouldn’t put your trust in your army.
So what is your trust in? Again, if it’s anything or anyone other than the Lord, it will let you down. Today, worship the Lord. Put your faith in God alone.

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